I’m Rick Bashkoff and I’m currently a partner in a consumer software outfit called Archive Media. We are the makers of Gather – an easy-to-use web app for consolidating your personal photo and video library.

I’m fortunate to be a part of a resourceful media and tech network in NYC. I’ve held senior leadership positions at Howcast, one of the pioneers in educational video content on YouTube and Zefr, a leading content targeting and rights management software company. Before that I was part of Warner Music Group’s first digital video team. I am interested in working with and joining pioneering companies in my areas of interest and leveraging my business development, operations and leadership experience to accelerate revenue growth and operational efficiency.

My areas of interest include video, technology, health and wellness, education and cannabusiness.


I donate and volunteer for causes I think are important including feeding the hungry, men’s health and access to information and knowledge.

Here are some of the organizations I support. Click on the logos to check them out.


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