Bashkoff Enterprises is my investment and advisory company. I’m Rick Bashkoff and I do this in my spare time. Investments and/or advisory services are provided to people who run companies that have interesting products and thoughtful business plans in the industries listed below. I’m fortunate to be a part of a resourceful network in the digital media, entertainment and technology industries in New York City.

Interested in companies at the intersection of two or more of the following industries:

digital media

Advisory services most often take the form of:

Creation of financial models, operating plans and business plans
Subject matter expert for the technology and digital entertainment industries
Participation in key discussions, business reviews and board meetings
Active promotion and introductions when appropriate


I donate to and volunteer for important causes. Focus areas include feeding the hungry, men’s health and supporting research to find cures for cancer, lupus and other diseases I’d like to see end. If you feel the same, check them out below and do something.


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